How can I release the equity in my property?

There are two main ways you can do this.

  • Taking out a mortgage

    There are special types of loans, usually designed to run for the rest of your life, called lifetime mortgages. You borrow money secured against the value of your home to give you a lump sum or a regular income. The loan is repaid to the lender when your property is sold. You continue to own your home.
  • Selling your home (or part of it)

    This is normally called a reversion or part reversion scheme. You sell your home, or a part of it, to a reversion company that allows you and your partner to continue to live there for the rest of your lives. After you both die, (or move out for whatever reason) the proportion of your home that you sold becomes the property of the reversion company. Anything left over passes to your estate.