e-Learning courses

Training e-learningIn conjunction with Unicorn Training we provide online learning that is designed to target key areas of the mortgage sector. For further details and a free demonstration please contact the Unicorn team directly on 0845 130 5138 or email enquiries. Alternatively, you can see more about the product by watching the video on Unicorn’s website

We provide three libraries of e-Learning courses; Mortgage Essentials Lite, Mortgage Essentials and Arrears and Possessions

Our eLearning Mortgage Essentials Lite suite includes the following titles;

  • Exploring the Mortgage Environment
  • Regulation of Mortgage and Home Finance Transactions
  • Advising and lending Responsibly
  • Handling Mortgage and Home Finance Complaints
  • What Equity Release is and How it Works
  • Preventing Mortgage Fraud
  • Mortgages: Treating Customers Fairly

The full Mortgage Essentials suite includes the following titles in addition to those in the lite suite;

General Compliance

  • Approved Persons
  • Complaints
  • Consumer Credit Regulations
  • How to Comply with the Data Protection Act
  • Information Security and your responsibilities
  • Introduction to BCOBS and the PSRs
  • Senior Management Arrangements, Systems & Controls
  • The Role of the FSA 
  • The Role of the FCA
  • Treating Customers Fairly

Financial Crime 

  • Anti-Money Laundering – The Basics
  • Money Laundering and how you can prevent it
  • Anti-Money Laundering – Offshore
  • MLRO: Practical guidelines for Money Laundering Prevention Staff
  • Customer Due Diligence
  • Combating Market Abuse
  • Countering Bribery and Corruption
  • Complying with Sanctions
  • Financial Crime – The Basics
  • Fighting Fraud
  • Preventing Identity Crime

Direct Debit

  • Introduction to Direct Debit
  • Working with Direct Debit
  • Managing Direct Debit
  • Paperless Direct Debit

 For those dealing with Arrears and Possessions we provide our specialist suite; 

  • Module A. How to explore solutions to the root causes of arrears
  • Module B. The help, services and options debt advice organizations can offer
  • Module C. Talking to borrowers about State benefits that can help with arrears
  • Module D. Managing arrears and shortfalls in line with FSA regulations
  • Module E. Steps to carry out prior to litigation against borrowers in arrears
  • Module F. Litigation against a borrower in arrears
  • Module G. The lender’s responsibilities if a property is repossessed
  • Module H. The key institutions and legislation to be aware of in the A&P market 
  • Module I. Showing you are Treating Customers Fairly in all A&P cases
  • Module J: How to deal effectively with complaints
  • Module K: Leases, Licenses & Tenancies
  • Module L: Scotland