Housing finance at a glance

Our parliamentary newsletter gives a brief overview of current issues in the housing and mortgage markets. It is specifically written and distributed to all MPs, and members of the House of Lords who have an interest in housing issues.


    Date Title
pdf icon   13-May-14 Housing finance at a glance - May 2014
Covers our usual summary of recent housing market activity; highlights the new mortgage rules introduced at the end of April; looks at the pros and cons of shared ownership and shared equity; looks at how the number of outstanding interest-only mortgages is falling; and gives a taster of our director general’s new blog post considering the government’s proposals to reform annuities, and how this may impact on the mortgage market.
pdf icon   25-Feb-14 Housing finance at a glance - February 2014
This issue looks at current UK housing and mortgage market activity, and highlights our latest mortgage market trends data. It also highlights our concerns about the potentially large number of properties that will be excluded from the Flood Re insurance proposals contained within the Water Bill, currently making its way through the House of Lords.
pdf icon   04-Nov-13 Housing finance at a glance - November 2013
Outlines current UK housing and mortgage market activity, along with our latest statistics on the markets in London, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The newsletter also includes information on the recently launched Help to Buy: mortgage guarantee scheme, and raises some concerns about the Water Bill as currently drafted, in respect of flood insurance.
pdf icon   16-Jul-13 Housing finance at a glance - July 2013
Includes our latest mortgage market activity data, and highlights key issues including Help to Buy: mortgage guarantee, interest-only mortgages, the EU Mortgage Credit Directive, flood insurance and mortgage rescue.
pdf icon   16-Apr-13 Housing finance at a glance - April 2013
This issue of our parliamentary newsletter tries to answer key questions on the Help to Buy: mortgage guaranteee scheme announced in the Budget 2013.
pdf icon   17-Jan-13 Housing finance at a glance - January 2013
Gives information on UK mortgage market forecasts for 2013-14; latest quarterly market data for London, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland; the key features of the Financial Services Authority’s new mortgage market rules; the interest-only mortgage market; flooding insurance; and a new report giving a self evaluation of the UK mortgage market.
pdf icon   04-Sep-12 Housing finance at a glance - September 2012
Gives an overview of current mortgage market activity, and we explain why, if mortgage repossessions are continuing to fall, we have not revised down our 45,000 forecast for the year as a whole.
pdf icon   12-Jun-12 Housing finance at a glance - June 2012
Gives an overview of mortgage market activity in the UK, along with links to data on the Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish mortgage markets. The newsletter also gives an update on the Financial Services Authority’s mortgage market review, and highlights other current market issues - support for mortgage interest, flood insurance, and solar panels.
pdf icon   12-Mar-12 Housing finance at a glance - March 2012
Gives an overview of current mortgage market activity and details of the NewBuy scheme which will allow lenders to offer 95% mortgages to creditworthy borrowers on new build property.
pdf icon   20-Dec-11 Housing finance at a glance - December 2011
Gives an overview of our mortgage market forecasts for 2012, and our views on recent announcements including the FSA’s latest mortgage market review consultation; the end of the stamp duty concession for first-time buyers; the mortgage indemnity scheme for new build property; and the DWP’s consultation on support for mortgage interest.

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