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The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) currently has 128 members, 8 third party administrator members and 74 associates. Our members are banks, building societies and other mortgage lenders. Our associates are drawn from a variety of related businesses that have an interest in the mortgage market and the work of the CML. To find details on our members and associates please go to our directory of members

Membership benefits 

Membership of the CML enables organisations to

  • keep abreast of matters affecting the industry - not just lending issues, but also matters surrounding housing policy, regulation, legal issues, home-buying and selling, taxation, the buy-to-let sector, etc, plus access to a wealth of information and industry statistics that the CML collates;
  • gain access to the confidential member-only section of our website, where you will find information on current topics and be able to keep yourself informed of progress in key policy areas, research developments and other industry matters; and
  • benefit from direct and unlimited access to our team of expert policy advisers, as well as our knowledgeable research team who can provide a variety of related information that you may otherwise find hard to find. 

Further benefits include

  • Contribute to CML's influence on policy and representation, with direct access to CML policy and research teams.
  • Electronic updates on key developments in the mortgage market.
  • CML Weekly News - electronic round-up newsletter, containing all the week's news.
  • Join panels and working groups (members) and/or information groups (members and associates) to discuss current market issues.
  • Access to CML events and seminars at preferential rates, plus sponsorship opportunities.
  • Opportunity to meet and debate with industry peers. 

For further information or to register your interest please go to the how to join section.