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Policy imageOur policy work provides a vital link between lenders, government and other key stakeholders. We work with the industry to identify and communicate policy across a wide spectrum - from valuation issues to arrears and possessions. To see what we are working on in 2014 please view CML policy priorities. Our policy pages will give you an insight into our key policy positions through to our written communications to ministers and other policy makers.

Latest policy issues Latest circulars
  1. Land Registration (Scotland) Act 2012

    17 Oct 14
  2. EU Directive on responsible lending and borrowing (now called the Directive on credit agreements relating to residential property)

    26 Jun 14
  3. FCA regulation publications: summary and CML actions

    7 May 14
  1. Changes to Product Sales Data reporting requirements

    11 Nov 14
  2. Lenders' Handbook amendments' England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland Lenders’ Handbooks

    28 Oct 14
  3. The Professional Consultant's Certificate - recent case law

    22 Oct 14

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CML response to Shelter Scotland Commission consultation on Housing and Wellbeing

PDF | 25 Nov 14
We have responded to consultation by Shelter Scotland Housing Commission on Housing and Wellbeing. In particular we have commented on proposals in the consultation about residential mortgage lending and lending to the housing association sector in Scotland.

CML response to MAS consultation: The standard financial statement

PDF | 18 Nov 14
The CML has responded to the Money Advice Service consultation on a 'Standard Financial Statement'. While the CML supports standardisation of documentation in this particular part of the mortgage market we feel that additional clarity is needed around the status of a 'Standard Financial Statement' and whether lenders will have an ability to challenge some recommendations.

CML Response to GC14/06 Social media and customer communications

PDF | 6 Nov 14
The CML responds to the FCA guidance consultation on GC14/06 social media and customer communications

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These notes have been produced for people working within the mortgage profession and provide advice on best practice. They cover shared ownership issues, equity release and lifetime mortgages and mortgage redemption statements.


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