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Policy imageOur policy work provides a vital link between lenders, government and other key stakeholders. We work with the industry to identify and communicate policy across a wide spectrum - from valuation issues to arrears and possessions. To see what we are working on in 2014 please view CML policy priorities. Our policy pages will give you an insight into our key policy positions through to our written communications to ministers and other policy makers.

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  1. Land Registration (Scotland) Act 2012

    17 Oct 14
  2. EU Directive on responsible lending and borrowing (now called the Directive on credit agreements relating to residential property)

    26 Jun 14
  3. Low-cost home ownership: Factsheets on shared ownership & shared equity schemes

    6 May 14
  1. HM Treasury publishes MCD legislation

    26 Jan 15
  2. Land and Buildings Transaction Tax in Scotland

    21 Jan 15
  3. Lender requirements to give consent to solar PV installations on roof space in Northern Ireland

    8 Jan 15

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CML-IMLA joint response to FCA CP:14/28 - MIPRU Simplification

PDF | 21 Jan 15
The CML and IMLA have responded to the FCA's consultation on simplification of MIPRU. Broadly we welcome the proposals but are keen to ensure that lenders, active in specific sectors, are regulated consistently across both MIPRU and BIPRU rulebooks. The CML and IMLA will work with the FCA to arrange a workshop for interested lenders to provide detail on how the changes will be implemented.

CML's response to High Speed 2 Phase Two (Fradley to Crewe) Safeguarding consultation by HS2 and the Department of Transport

PDF | 6 Jan 15
We have responded to this consultation by HS2 and the Department of Transport. We welcome the introduction of blight provisions for this section of HS2 Phase 2 at an early stage. We believe that blight provisions in this Phase should, as a minimum, mirror those in Phase 1. As with Phase 1 we think such measures should also cover privately rented properties, second homes and properties over deep bore tunnels.

CML response to Scottish Government CP on a new tenancy for the private sector

PDF | 5 Jan 15
We have responded to the Scottish Government consultation on a new tenancy regime for the private rented sector. We have welcomed many of the proposals in the paper including the development of a model tenancy agreement and the modernised grounds for possession. However we have concerns regarding a number of other proposals which are likely to have the unintended consequence of reducing investment in the sector and the supply of private rented housing. We would urge the Scottish Government to re-consider its proposals in these areas.

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