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Market Commentary November 2015


19 November 2015

Global uncertainties have pushed back expectations of rate increases. But mortgage lending continues its current spell of healthy growth, the strongest in the post-crisis period, and one spread across all borrower types. We estimate gross mortgage lending was £21.3 billion in October around a fifth greater than one year ago.

Rising stars light up CML conference


13 November 2015

This year's Rising Stars challenge at the CML conference was again a showcase for some of the brightest and best ideas from mortgage industry professionals.

Reelin’ in the Years – a reflection on three decades in the mortgage market


13 November 2015

Having stood down as CML deputy chairman following his decision to leave Barclays, Andy Gray reflects on what has changed - and what has stayed the same - in the mortgage industry.

Cash transactions: the myths and the reality


5 November 2015

Cash purchases account for around of one-third of all transactions. Many are made by older buyers, and are funded by the sale of a former property.

Market commentary October 2015


22 October 2015

As we expected, activity levels in the housing and mortgage markets have picked up over the last few months after a slow start to the year. Mortgage lending is currently enjoying its best spell since 2008. Our estimate is that gross mortgage lending was £20 billion in September, up 12% on a year ago.

The mortgage credit directive: it's the final furlong in Europe - but some UK lenders are past the winning post!


19 October 2015

Luca Bertalot, secretary general of the European Mortgage Federation, brings us up to date with all the latest issues.

How will housing association Right to Buy affect the mortgage market?


14 October 2015

Right to Buy was a flagship policy for the Conservatives in the 1980s, and the new government is keen to extend it to housing associations - on a voluntary basis. We look at the implications for lenders.

CML Rising Stars - spoilt for choice for good ideas!


7 October 2015

We reveal the names of the four finalists in our 2015 Rising Stars competition who will get to present to our Annual Conference on 10 November on "If lenders want to help my generation, they should..."

CML chairman on retirement borrowing: we could do better, even if we can't do perfect


29 September 2015

CML chairman Moray McDonald assesses the challenges for all in retirement borrowing before delivering his own verdict: we must try harder!

Older home-owners: public outrage or broad consensus?


23 September 2015

Opinion article on the real issues facing older people and their housing choices.