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Big Seven lenders pass Bank of England stress test

Mail On Sunday

1 December 2015

All seven of the UK's largest lenders have passed the Bank of England's stress

British banks are safer than they used to be - but borrowing could be about to get a lot more expensive

1 December 2015

The Bank of England has warned lenders that it will introduce

Applying the brakes

Inside Housing

1 December 2015

Hopefully EU law can slow down the progress of the government’s housing policy heading for disaster, says

Banks Warned As RBS Struggles In Stress Test

Sky News

1 December 2015

The Bank of England says it will review buy-to-let mortgage underwriting as two lenders struggle in its annual

Two-thirds of first-time buyers do not know what Stamp Duty is

Property Industry Eye

1 December 2015

Two-thirds of first-time buyers do not understand what Stamp Duty Land Tax

Help to Buy Isa scheme now available for first-time buyers

Mail On Sunday

1 December 2015

First-time buyers will be able to save into one of the Government's Help to Buy Isas from Tuesday