Our member review highlights the key achievements, activities and challenges in what proved to be another eventful, but successful, year for the mortgage industry.  

Our 2016 highlights:

Front cover annual review 2016

  • Despite political turbulence, the mortgage market achieved solid growth in 2016, with lenders well funded and capitalised.
  • During the year, we reported growth in activity of 56% for challenger banks and specialist lenders, and 9% and 5% respectively for building societies and banks.
  • Eleven new firms signed up with the CML, bringing the total number of members to 136.
  • We worked with the consumer organisation Which? to make it easier for consumer to understand and compare lenders’ fees and charges. 
  • We represented lenders across tenures, with successful implementation of the European mortgage credit directive, and funding for private rented and social housing sectors.
  • We re-instated a commissioned research function, publishing reports on government support for home-ownership, the characteristics of residential landlords, tenure aspirations and shared ownership.
  • We maintained strong working relationships with changing ministerial and shadow ministerial teams, as well as backbench MPs and peers.
  • We represented members in a high-profile media environment, publishing statistics, commentary, news and articles, with personal finance journalists again voting our press relations number one in a poll of 19 bodies, mostly financial services trade associations.
  • We provided a wealth of data and information for members, and ran 40 committees and working groups covering areas of interest to lenders.
  • We represented lenders’ interests in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, where devolved administrations increasingly determine housing policy.

Download the full report below.


  1. CML member review 2016 (PDF 1.50MB)