Our manifesto, A housing market to be proud of, highlights the decisions and actions that politicians should take to deliver effective housing solutions for the future.

We look at home-ownership, private renting, and social renting through the eyes of "the young, the old, and the in-betweeners", and conclude that strategic public policy is needed to address the needs of all these groups.

For the young

The main issue is the sheer cost of housing. For this group, we want the government to:

  • Focus on measures that increase the supply of housing in all tenures, enabling more young people to gain a housing foothold; and
  • Recognise that, for many, shared equity/shared ownership is becoming a permanent tenure, rather than a stepping stone to full ownership.

For the old

The main issue is how to balance the competing considerations of income, the potential to release housing wealth, and care/housing need. For this group, we want the government to:

  • Address the regulatory stumbling blocks that relate to lending into retirement;
  • Promote better pathways between the mainstream mortgage market, lifetime mortgages, and downsizing;
  • Create opportunities for older households to downsize, promoting more efficient use of the housing stock; and
  • Ensure new housing supply fully reflects the needs and aspirations of an ageing population.

And for the in-betweeners

This group is finding it increasingly difficult to achieve home-ownership and financial security, or to move up the ladder if they do achieve it. For the in-betweeners, we want the government to:

  • Watch for any unintended consequences of regulation on credit-worthy mortgage holders;
  • Work with industry to develop a more effective safety net against the risk of change in household circumstances; and
  • Ensure that policies affecting all tenures (such as welfare reform) are holistic and align with private sector markets.

Download the full report below.


  1. A housing market to be proud of (PDF 499KB)