We set out below some information on our current research plans, this includes cases where we are currently inviting expressions of interest.

From time to time, we may also undertake market research activities, participate in syndicated studies or support third party research effort.

Commissioned research

Why residential property transactions are low.

Exploring why turnover in the UK housing market has shrunk over the past 20-30 years, identifying the most important drivers of this lower turnover and to determine the causes, the impacts on the wider market and economy, and any potential remedies.

Areas being looked at include:

  • Analysing housing market data to identify where, when, who and at what prices housing market turnover has fallen
  • Construction of a demographic-based model of housing market activity, to create a buyer propensity model by age and buyer type
  • Construction of a housing equity and transaction model to understand how different cohorts of buyers are affected by the housing market and economic conditions

Expected publication: May 2017

Advice for older mortgage borrowers:current picture, future potential - interim findings.

Following on from previous research into demand for retirement borrowing, CML has commissioned Jackie Wells and Associates to conduct a further programme to explore the advice framework for older mortgage customers.

Topics being addressed include:

  • Demand for advice and guidance from older borrowers (55+)
  • How these customers segment
  • Key market players, positioning and market developments
  • Availability of advice
  • Customer experiences and outcomes for those engaging in the market
  • Lessons that might be learned from other markets/products
  • What might or should be done to develop/improve the advice framework and market for older borrowers

Interim findings were presented at our Extending lending: retirement borrowing in the UK conference in Birmingham on 1 March 2017.

The full report is expected to be published in May 2017.

Digital change and mortgage borrowers

CML has commissioned Accenture to conduct research to explore how digital technologies are transforming different parts of the mortgage process and how this may impact consumers over the medium-term.  The research will cover:

  • How do UK mortgage lenders compare to their peers within the UK and globally, as well as to other consumer markets?
  • How are digital technologies transforming different parts of the mortgage process?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges?
  • How will consumer experiences and interactions change?
  • What are the key recommendations for UK lenders, the government and the regulators?

Expected publication: June 2017

An international comparison of home ownership safety nets

CML have commissioned research to review the safety net arrangements currently available to home-owners in the UK and how the UK compares with other countries.

Expected publication: June 2017

UK Government: Interaction with the housing market

CML have commissioned Steve Wilcox and Peter Williams to review and provide a longer-term and more strategic perspective of how government interacts with housing.  The research will describe how government spending on/taxation of/support for housing market has evolved over past 30 years, and how this influences market outcomes and will cover: 

  • The policy challenges associated with current government approach
  • Whether successive housing initiatives form part of a consistent vision for housing?
  • How much is spent in direct support of housing market?
  • How much money is collected and where from? What are the consequences for  transactions, housing as asset class, under-occupation.
  • How the net fiscal balance has this shifted over time and varies across different parts of the UK?

Expected publication: July 2017

Transparency and mortgage borrowers

This research builds on previous research with Which? and to better understand how mortgage customers go about making decisions and what they see as the most important mortgage product information affecting choice, including what consumers feel are the most relevant features affecting their choice of a mortgage, and to assess whether this aligns with how lenders and price competitive websites currently present such mortgage product features.

Building on its previous research with Which? and dovetails on the FCA’s research CML has commissioned ComRes to conduct research to better understand the consumer decision making process. The aims of this research are:

  • To explore how mortgage customers go about making decisions and what they see as the most important mortgage product information affecting choice. 
  • To gain an impartial consumer perspective of the mortgage product information that is presented to them on lenders’ websites and Price Comparison Websites (PCWs), and how they interact with such information.
  • To propose “good practice” templates for subsequent consumer testing.

Expected publication: August 2017

Expressions of interest invited:

We do not currently have any research projects open for expressions of interest.

Our 2017 research programme:

Although our research programme will evolve, we have currently identified the following areas of interest:

  • Borrower diversity - A look at how the profile of mortgage borrowers has shifted over the past decade, and the reasons why.
  • Comparison of housing markets in different UK cities - Setting out key facts and housing challenges facing our major towns and cities.
  • How well do we use our current housing stock? - Exploring under- and over-occupation, empty properties, with comparisons across geographies and tenures.

We will publish research briefs for a number of these topics over the coming months, but we are always happy for researchers to pro-actively contact us in cases where they have relevant expertise or interest.