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Market commentary August 2016


25 August 2016

We estimate that gross mortgage lending was £21.4 billion in July, marginally softer than June, but the first year-on-year drop for more than a year.

A government scheme that worked


17 August 2016

The Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme is set to close at the end of this year - we look back at how it has performed over the last three years.

Still small but growing: How have landlord characteristics changed since 2010?


8 August 2016

Our survey shows most landlords are still part-time, have a small portfolio of properties and rely on rental payments for less than half of their income.

First Bank rate cut in seven years - so, what happens now?


4 August 2016

What happens following a Bank rate cut depends on the type of mortgage a borrower has - and its terms and conditions. Where lenders have discretion to adjust borrowing rates, they will take into account the Bank's decision, alongside a range of other factors affecting their costs and margins.

Challenger and specialist lenders show strongest growth in competitive market


28 July 2016

New data on the largest lenders shows challenger and specialist banks saw the strongest growth in 2015, with medium-sized firms also increasing their market share.

Banishing the Brexit blues?


25 July 2016

Our latest survey on tenure aspirations shows that the desire to be a home-owner remains strong.

CML recruits three new associates


25 July 2016

The CML is delighted to welcome three new associates, bringing the total to 97. The CML also has 133 members, and a further seven members that are third party administrators.

Market commentary July 2016


21 July 2016

We would usually publish a mid-year update of our forecasts in this edition of market commentary, but given the uncertainty around Brexit, we do not plan on publishing new forecasts.

Lenders need to ‘think creatively’ to sustain the home-ownership dream


1 July 2016

Affordability problems are turning the hopes of young would-be home-owners into a pipe dream. Due diligence is paramount, but lenders may need to be more creative in developing products that meet the needs of young people today.

Buy-to-let reforms should reflect wider market conditions, lenders say


29 June 2016

Our response on buy-to-let underwriting standards urges the Prudential Regulation Authority to take into account fiscal, market and other regulatory changes already affecting the sector.