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Market commentary April 2016


21 April 2016

Gross lending in March reached £25.7 billion, nearly 60% higher than a year ago. This figure has been distorted by the stamp duty changes on second properties which came into effect on 1 April, and we are likely to see an offsetting effect of weaker activity over the next few months. Our analysis suggests £4-£5 billion extra took place, than would otherwise have been the case.

Lenders will work with new Scottish government on housing in all tenures


20 April 2016

CML Scotland plans to hold regular meetings with the newly elected government and other housing professionals to help expand the supply of homes in all tenures.

Older people and financial services: the CML's response


15 April 2016

Our response to the Financial Conduct Authority says that lenders want to work with other interested parties - and in a favourable regulatory environment - to help ensure that the financial needs of older consumers are better served.

Outliers versus innovators


12 April 2016

Innovation has brought many good things to the UK mortgage market - and firms that fall outside the pack are certainly not all bad. In this article, the CML's Sue Anderson looks at an issue that is firmly back on the agenda, and concludes that what motivates firms is a key issue.

Mortgages in Europe: Different markets, similar outcomes


7 April 2016

Professor Christine Whitehead is co-editor of the recently published Milestones in European Housing Finance, which looks at developments in 20 very different countries over the last 25 years. Here, she explores some of the key findings.

Is the private rented sector really in decline?


30 March 2016

Despite strong growth in demand from tenants, new data from the English Housing Survey shows a surprising decline in the number of privately rented homes. We look at trends in the sector, what drives it, and who lives in the privately rented accommodation.

Buy-to-let: when should regulators intervene?


21 March 2016

Lenders accept the case for robust macro-prudential regulation of the buy-to-let sector. But they want clarity on when regulators should act - and for the authorities to take into account the cumulative effects of intervention in the market.

Market commentary March 2016


17 March 2016

Global market uncertainty continues to impact expectations of interest rate rises in the UK. But mortgage lending is still enjoying healthy growth as we estimate £17.6 billion was lent in February, nearly a third higher than a year ago. The recovery in lending is broad-based, across first-time buyers, movers and remortgage customers.

Proposed Basel reforms do not reflect UK market, say lenders


14 March 2016

Our response argues that reforms proposed by regulators would result in unduly harsh capital weightings for UK mortgage assets.

The black and white of buy-to-let: What does the data show?


8 March 2016

There's a lot of current media coverage and speculation about what's happening in the buy-to-let sector. So, we look at data from the CML's buy-to-let survey to see if some of the most common assertions stand up to scrutiny.