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Macro-prudential regulation: have we got the balance right?


21 April 2017

Figures show that mortgage approvals are lower than the Bank of England predicted when it tightened macro-prudential policy in 2014. So, is it time to re-calibrate?

Market commentary April 2017


20 April 2017

Our estimate of gross mortgage lending for March is £21.4 billion. Accounting for seasonal factors, this figure is slightly lower but in line with average lending over the past year.

Tax changes put more pressure on buy-to-let landlords


3 April 2017

From this week, buy-to-let landlords begin to bear a progressively tightening new tax burden, which has already begun to slow growth of the sector.

Brexit means we need fewer houses - or does it?


27 March 2017

If Brexit means there will be fewer immigrants, does that mean we need to build fewer homes? John Perry, policy adviser at the Chartered Institute of Housing, examines the issues.

Market commentary March 2017


23 March 2017

Activity levels slowly recover as transactions remain above the 100,000 threshold for the second month in a row. Our estimate of gross lending for February is £18.2 billion.

The state of the UK rental market


20 March 2017

CML member Landbay Partners Ltd produces detailed analysis of the UK rental market. In this article, Landbay CEO John Goodall looks at what the data shows about recent developments.

Affordability boosts the Northern Ireland market


16 March 2017

The market downturn hit harder in Northern Ireland than elsewhere in the UK. But the size of the correction has boosted affordability - and a recovery led by first-time buyers.

Bracing for Impact: How aware are buy-to-let landlords of changes?


7 March 2017

A YouGov survey shows that buy-to-let landlords are fairly well informed of new tax and regulatory changes, with one in 10 planning to leave the sector.

Older borrowers: new approaches, old barriers


2 March 2017

Research published later this spring will shed new light on different types of older borrowers - and the barriers that deny them access to a wider choice of financial options.

A spotlight on shared ownership


27 February 2017

We are now collecting more data on shared ownership so that lenders and others can have a better understanding of the types of borrowers attracted to the tenure.