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Market commentary June 2017


22 June 2017

The housing market has stalled over the past few months, with volumes in line with our forecast. Our estimate of gross mortgage lending for May is £20.1 billion.

Largest mortgage lenders 2016 – smaller firms show the strongest growth!


20 June 2017

Our list of the largest lenders in 2016 includes data on 60 firms. It shows that last year smaller firms saw some of the strongest growth in lending.

Digital change and the mortgage market


12 June 2017

Research we are publishing later this month will explore how digital change has the potential to transform the mortgage market.

Housing in Scotland: a key political issue


30 May 2017

We look at how the market in Scotland compares to the rest of the UK, and review different housing practices and policies operating north of the border.

Market commentary May 2017


25 May 2017

Our estimate of gross mortgage lending for April is £18.4 billion, up 4% year-on-year. Remortgage activity and first-time buyers continue to drive lending growth.

Housing in Wales rises up the political agenda


17 May 2017

The Welsh housing market is more subdued than the rest of the UK. Housing policy is shaped by the Welsh government, but the UK general election will affect developments.

Interest-only: coaxing the cat out of the bag


15 May 2017

Our latest annual report on the number of outstanding interest-only mortgages shows the same pattern of numbers continuing to fall. Since 2012, the total has declined by more than 40%.

Lenders get good rating from first-time buyers


8 May 2017

Survey findings from YouGov show a high degree of satisfaction with lenders among first-time buyers.

The new Guardianship Act is great news for lenders


4 May 2017

The new Guardianship Act will help lenders deal with the difficult circumstances when a borrower is reported missing - and their finances are left in limbo.

Macro-prudential regulation: have we got the balance right?


21 April 2017

Figures show that mortgage approvals are lower than the Bank of England predicted when it tightened macro-prudential policy in 2014. So, is it time to re-calibrate?