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CML manifesto sets out challenges for the next government


Published: 2 April 2015 | Author: Bernard Clarke

With publication of most of the election manifestos not expected until later in the campaign, political commentators will have to bide their time to hear more about what each of the parties wants to do to address the UK’s long-running housing problems. We have already published our own manifesto (attached), however, setting out the challenges – and what we think needs to be done to meet them.

The manifesto is intended to help future governments develop the right kind of policies. It focuses on the needs of people of all ages and in all tenures – owner-occupation, private renting, and affordable housing.

  • For the young, the key issue is the cost of housing, so the incoming government will need to increase the supply of homes. The majority of young people aspire to be home-owners, but affordability is a major challenge. A future government therefore needs to recognise that, for some, shared equity and shared ownership may become permanent tenures, and not how they are often viewed currently – as a stepping stone to full ownership.
  • For the elderly, a complex set of challenges often arises from the competing needs for housing, care, income and the ability to draw upon housing equity. So, the next government will need to address the regulatory issues affecting lending into retirement, make sure that housing supply meets the needs and aspirations of an ageing population, and look at what can be done to enable people to choose between mainstream and lifetime mortgages, and downsizing.
  • For those in between, the key problems include achieving home-ownership, financial security and moving up the housing ladder. For this group, a future government must therefore address the unnecessary barriers that regulation can create for creditworthy borrowers, work with lenders to help ensure there is protection against potential disruption caused by a change in family circumstances, and ensure that policies like welfare reform – which affect all tenures – are integrated, and aligned with private provision.

The lending industry accepts that there is much it can do to help promote a healthy housing market. But if the industry is to fulfil its full potential in doing so, it needs the next government to develop and deliver an appropriate long-term policy approach.

Our manifesto, A housing market to be proud of, has been published to help future governments in this process – as a step towards delivering the right kind of housing in the right locations.

An animated version of some of the key point of our manifesto can be seen here


  1. A housing market to be proud of (PDF 499KB)