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CML Rising Stars - spoilt for choice for good ideas!


Published: 7 October 2015 | Author: Sue Anderson

It might sound like a cheesy TV talent show, but in fact there are some seriously good ideas emerging in the CML's "Rising Stars" competition this year. Although the theme is strictly mortgage, our finalists have certainly got talent - and after their CML speaker training, hopefully they'll also have the voice to persuade the audience and the judges on why their idea should win! Come along and support them on 10 November.

This year's Rising Stars theme is "If lenders want to help my generation, they should…" and it seems to have really captured the popular zeitgeist. The rising stars of the industry are positively brimming over with ideas for creating opportunity.

The four finalists who have been picked to present their ideas to the CML Annual Conference on 10 November are drawn from a very strong field of entries. We offer a sincere thank you to everyone who applied - and we're delighted to be able to offer a free conference pass to all the competition entrants.

Among the ideas which we particularly admired were those aimed at helping young people demonstrate their financial credentials to lenders, as well as those aimed at helping young people to build and strengthen their finances in preparation for home-ownership.

We also liked the entries that put a strong focus on meaningful technology and apps to improve the mortgage process, and bring it in line with the expectations of today's digital generation. Entries focusing on buy-to-let, the new-build market, and educational initiatives for schools also featured, as did a scheme to make it easier for private sector tenants to transition to home-ownership, and various product proposals.

Rising Stars N&Vs image 1

What is particularly interesting is the range of different ideas on display - it's clear that there's a wealth of initiative and talent out there within the mortgage industry, and we're delighted to be able to provide a modest showcase for a portion of it. Nurturing people with good ideas and a strong customer focus can only help the industry as it looks to the future.

Indeed, we're thrilled that last year's Rising Stars winner - Michael Rhodes of Leeds Building Society - will be joining the panel of judges on the platform this year. Michael's winning idea from last year looks suspiciously like the Government's subsequently-announced Help to Buy ISA - coincidence? Or not? You decide! Last year Michael was winning over the judges; this year he's one of them, alongside CML Chairman Moray McDonald of Royal Bank of Scotland and CML deputy chairman Richard Napier of Nationwide Building Society, as well as Caroline Graham of National Australia Bank.

This year, the CML Rising Stars finalists that you will get to see on the platform are

  • Daniel Whittaker, of Nationwide Building Society
  • David Humphrey, of TSB
  • Esther Theobald, of Market Harborough Building Society, and
  • Freddie Nelson and Sarah Friedlander, Bank of Ireland.

We're not going to steal their thunder by telling you about their ideas, but we hope you'll be able to join us - and support them - by coming along to our Annual Conference on 10 November to hear them in person.

As if our Rising Stars were not reason enough to tempt you away from your desk to attend the conference, they form just one part of a cracking day, generously supported by Target Group, under the chairmanship of Sir Danny Alexander. A key highlight of the conference is the must-hear first main speech to the mortgage industry by Jonathan Davidson, the FCA's new Director of Supervision for retail firms.

We also have a panel session featuring group treasury experts on what "good securitisation" looks like, as well as our popular provocative head-to-head debate on a controversial issue - this year the motion is: "This House believes that the State should not rely on lenders to be socially useful". We'll also be welcoming the chief executive of debt charity StepChange speaking on debt rehabilitation, an expert panel examining the role of technology versus the human touch in the mortgage market, and much more.

Take a look at the programme, get more information, and book online at our annual conference webpage

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