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UK Finance Update on Lending October 2017


25 October 2017

Housing market activity has built up modest momentum since the start of the year, helped by an increase in first-time buyer numbers.

Market commentary September 2017


26 September 2017

Housing market activity has been growing modestly since the start of the year, though the mix has shifted towards first-time buyers, away from buy-to-let and cash.

UK Finance research compares first-time buyers in the UK and Ireland


22 September 2017

The financial crisis caused severe problems for first-time buyers in the UK and Ireland. Since then, however, mortgage and housing markets in the two countries have also gone through some contrasting experiences. Joint authors Mohammad Jamei, of UK Finance, and Anthony O’Brien, of the Banking & Payments Federation Ireland, draw on national data sources to compare the two markets.

Market commentary August 2017


24 August 2017

Housing activity has been flat since the start of the year, with lending and transactions in line with 12 month averages. Our July gross mortgage lending estimate is £23.0 billion.

Older borrowers: why we need a more joined-up approach


7 August 2017

Borrowers need more generic advice and guidance to understand their borrowing options in later life.

Recent and aspiring first-time buyers


21 July 2017

The findings from this year’s English Housing Survey show that, while first-time buyers are getting older and their incomes higher, the appetite for home-ownership from tenants remains undimmed.

Market commentary July 2017


20 July 2017

The housing market has reached a plateau as activity and lending have been flat since the start of the year. Our gross mortgage lending estimate for June is £22.1 billion.

Are mortgage borrowers prepared for rising interest rates?


17 July 2017

It is more than a decade since the Bank of England raised interest rates. But the overwhelming majority of mortgage borrowers are well prepared for an increase.

Market commentary June 2017


22 June 2017

The housing market has stalled over the past few months, with volumes in line with our forecast. Our estimate of gross mortgage lending for May is £20.1 billion.

Largest mortgage lenders 2016 – smaller firms show the strongest growth!


20 June 2017

Our list of the largest lenders in 2016 includes data on 60 firms. It shows that last year smaller firms saw some of the strongest growth in lending.

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