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Mortgage boom for Nationwide

25 May 2016

NATIONWIDE Building Society has reported its highest mortgage lending since before the financial crisis but warned that

Equity release: Are you overlooking your biggest financial asset?

Daily Record

25 May 2016

With the average house price in Scotland now four times the value it was 30 years ago, industry

Nationwide ‘committed’ to branches as lending grows

The Scotsman

25 May 2016

Building society Nationwide has stressed that it was committed to its branch network after posting a 28 per

Horrifying cost of moving house is double what we expect

Money -

25 May 2016

Shocking ?13,000 cost of moving. How can you cut costs?

Average house prices in Wales rise by ?1000 in one month

25 May 2016

Average house prices in Wales rose by exactly ?1,000 in March, and have increased consistently for the last nine months.

Cost of moving double what buyers expect

Mortgage Introducer

25 May 2016

The lender found that homebuyers expect to pay just under ?7,500 when moving but the average amount stands at

Plans for standard one-week switching across consumer services


25 May 2016

Mortgage providers could be required to deliver seven-day switching to customers

Soaring Nationwide sees resilient economy ahead

Herald Scotland

25 May 2016

Nationwide has said the UK economy and housing market should remain resilient, “assuming uncertainty around the

Swap your mortgage in seven days

Times Online

25 May 2016

Homeowners could switch mortgage providers in a week from next year under plans to boost consumer power.

Government to make switching banks, mobile and energy providers faster and easier

25 May 2016

CONSUMERS will be able to change banks, mobile phone providers or energy