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House price growth accelerates to new high in August, says Nationwide

Knutsford Guardian

31 August 2016

House prices increased by 0.6% month-on-month in August to reach a new record of more than

Sterling boosted by consumer confidence and housing data

Reuters UK

31 August 2016

LONDON Sterling rose on Wednesday, boosted by improved consumer confidence and rising British house

House prices defy Brexit uncertainty — but only because there are too few homes for sale

International Business Times UK

31 August 2016

House price growth accelerated in August, despite the slowdown in demand

UK housing market shrugs off Brexit uncertainty in August, Nationwide data shows

Digital Look

31 August 2016

UK house price growth accelerated in August as demand continued to outstrip the

UK house prices rise, consumers regain some confidence after Brexit hit

Yahoo! News UK

31 August 2016

LONDON (Reuters) - British house price rises picked up speed in August and households

UK banks and their own decaying NIMs - Blogs

31 August 2016

This is a prophecy brought to you by Citi: Over the past five years the incumbent UK domestic banks have managed to maintain and

UK house prices edge up in August, Nationwide says

The Guardian

31 August 2016

Building society says average price of a home rose 0.6% to ?206,145, but outlook for housing market remains

House prices have continued to go up since Brexit despite ‘Project Fear’ claims leaving the EU would cause a crash

The Sun

31 August 2016

New figures show increase for August year-on-year as they reach a new record of more than

Mortgage market saw post-Brexit dip in July

Your Mortgage Magazine

31 August 2016

Mortgage approvals dropped to an 18-month low last