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Gross mortgage lending reached £18.4bn in April


27 May 2017

Latest CML figure is 11% lower than March’s lending total of £20.7bn – but 4% higher than the £

7bn lent in April last year. Commenting on market conditions,...

London home buyer borrowing in first quarter of 2017 down quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year reveals Council of Mortgage Lenders

Housing Excellence

26 May 2017

Home buyer b

5% quarter-on-quarter and 19% compared to a year ago. Paul Smee, CML director general, said: “Home buyer activity in London has fallen for

Mortgage lending drops 11% in April


26 May 2017

Gross mortgage lending dropped 11 per cent in April as falling real wage growth put pressure on consumers.

average lending of £20bn a month over the...

Leading agent "disappointed" over slowing mortgage le...

Estate Agent Today

26 May 2017

Conveyancers have backed a call by the Conservatives for reform of the house buying p

. We expect this trend to continue over the coming months”...

Housing market moving sideways, lenders say

BBC News - England

25 May 2017

The UK housing market appears to be 'moving sideways' mortgage lenders have said, as latest figures sh

past year, and was 4% higher than in April 2016. The...

First-time buyer demand remains high but homeowners stay put


25 May 2017

Lack of homes for sale blamed for 'sluggish' lending, but first-time buyers and r

more first-time buyers to get on to the property ladder. CML senior...

Mortgage lending slumped in April

Your Mortgage Magazine

25 May 2017

Lending is pulled down by low home mover and buy-to-let volumes

and buy-to-let lending plummeted as a result. CML senior economist Mohammad Jamei said: “First-time buyers...

First-time buyers prop up market as BTL halves

Mortgage Solutions

25 May 2017

The housing market is “moving sideways” and remains heavily reliant on first time buyers, the C

whereas before the change it accounted for over 40%. CML senior...

Mortgage lending falls 11% as number of homes for sale dips

Belfast Telegraph

25 May 2017

Mortgage lending fell back month-on-month in April as would-be home movers struggle

, with around 10 house hunters for every available property. The CML's senior economist, Mohammad...

Gross mortgage lending dips 11% in April: CML

Mortgage Strategy

25 May 2017

Gross mortgage lending was £18.4bn in April, down 11 per cent on March and up 4 per cent year-on-yea

drivers will be first-time buyers and remortgage customers. CML...