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London Help to Buy: verdict on the first mortgage rates

2 February 2016

The new London Help to Buy equity scheme launched yesterday: Telegraph Money provides an analysis of the

Mortgage approvals rise – but the sums might not quite add up

Property Industry Eye

2 February 2016

Last year ended well for the mortgage industry.

A day in court showed me the misery of Britain’s housing policy | Polly Toynbee

The Guardian

2 February 2016

The bedroom tax and government cuts have led to a wave of evictions targeting the poor

A tale of two homes: How warm houses change lives

BBC News

2 February 2016

John Flynn from Hartlepool is 72.

Mortgage approvals hit two-year high

Introducer Today

2 February 2016

New figures show the housing market defying the traditional seasonal slowdown in December as mortgage approvals hit a

Global pay freeze and job cuts to save HSBC $5bn

Times Online

2 February 2016

Misery among bank workers has been compounded by HSBC’s decision to impose a pay and hiring freeze on its 260,000

One million households in danger of debt default

Times Online

2 February 2016

A million more households could fall behind on their debt payments by 2020 as they struggle with tougher

Interest rate hike ‘will plunge 5million into problem debt by 2020’

2 February 2016

If the Bank of England raises interest rates to just to 1.75% by 2020, millions of us could be in

Britain goes on spending binge and puts extra ?1.2bn on credit

Times Online

1 February 2016

Consumer credit in Britain is growing at its fastest in almost a decade after ?1.2 billion was