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Revealed: the London borough with 700% house price growth over 20 years

Your Money

17 February 2017

Hackney in North East London has experienced the fastest growth in house prices in the ca

One in four UK retirees burdened by unpaid mortgage or other debts

The Guardian

17 February 2017

Numbers retiring in debt in 2017 is highest for seven years with nearly 40% still owing payments for

Price gap between London and England & Wales has doubled in two decades

Property Industry Eye

17 February 2017

The gap between average London property prices and the rest of England & Wales has more than doub

Revealed: the capital’s house price hotspot

Your Mortgage Magazine

17 February 2017

Which London borough has outperformed all others over the last 20 years?

Good news for self-employed borrowers as two 'complex' mortgages launched

What House

17 February 2017

Self-employed people who may have found it tricky to get a mortgage in the l

One person in five retiring this year will still have debts to pay

Yorkshire Post

17 February 2017

THE GROWING debt crisis gripping the nation will mean one in five people in Yorkshire who are retir

?165 – the average we spend on housing a week

Your Mortgage Magazine

17 February 2017

The amount spent by households each week is static, but more of it is going on housing costs

First time buyers, close your eyes - in 1996, you could buy a house in Hackney for ?75,000

City A.M.

17 February 2017

House prices in the London borough of Hackney have rocketed 700 p