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Martin Flanagan: Bigger hits loom on horizon for RBS


29 September 2016

Royal Bank of Scotland is to cough up $1.1 billion (?845 million) to a US regulator to help resolve claims that it

Will I pay CGT if I sell my buy-to-let to help fund a new home?

The Guardian

29 September 2016

I’m hoping I don’t need to pay capital gains tax as I am using the ‘gain’ to help me move from one main

Bill Jamieson: Good news - the world has not ended

The Scotsman

29 September 2016

Gloomy predictions over Brexit have not come to pass so far and there are positive developments to

Warehouses the size of football pitches are the new property growth area

The Spectator

29 September 2016

As more and more retail sales go online, ‘big box’ distribution centres will create a canyon

We’re in a post-Brexit building boom

The Spectator

29 September 2016

The prospects for housebuilders are much brighter — but their shares still look

RBS to pay $1.1 billion to resolve some of its U.S. mortgage claims

Yahoo! News UK

29 September 2016

By Nate Raymond NEW YORK (Reuters) - Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc will pay $1.1 billion

Revealed: the city with a bigger property bubble than London

MSN Money - MSN UK

29 September 2016

London has been replaced by Vancouver as having the frothiest property market of any major city in

Half of first time buyers to apply with partner

Mortgage Introducer

29 September 2016

Tweet WhatsApp Email Half (48%) of potential first-time buyers plan to apply for a mortgage with a partner

Developers build smaller flats to reduce stamp duty

Times Online

29 September 2016

Exorbitant rates of stamp duty on the most expensive homes are forcing property developers to cut the