Here you will find responses that we have submitted to consultations by government departments and other organisations that are relevant to mortgage lenders and their customers.

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Consultation title Consulting body Summary Consulting period Status
Handbook changes to reflect the application of the EU Benchmarks Regulation FCA The Regulation contains an amendment to Article 13 of the Mortgage Credit Directive, which the FCA needs to implement. 22/06/17 - 22/08/17 Open
Regulatory reform of Registered Social Landlords WG Welsh Government is consulting on on legislative provisions to be removed or amended to address central and local government controls over Registered Social Landlords. 08/05/17 - 03/07/17 Open
Energy efficiency and condition standards in private rented housing: A Scotland's Energy Efficiency Programme Consultation SG Consultation on proposals to improve the energy efficiency of the worst performing private rented housing in Scotland and amend the repairing standard to increase condition standards expected in the PRS. 07/04/17 - 30/06/17 Open
Refining the PRA’s Pillar 2A capital framework PRA Overall, we welcome the overarching methodology behind the proposed changes. In our view, the three capital pillars are inter-connected and dynamic. 24/02/17 - 31/05/17 Closed
Energy Strategy – Scotland's Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP): consultation. SG Our response focuses on possible implications of an energy efficiency loan, the extent to which energy efficiency measures might impact the mortgageability of the property, consumer protection advice and more. 27/01/17 - 30/05/17 Closed
Changes to frequency of Help to Buy - Wales statistical outputs WG We support the proposal as it should provide more meaningful information for lenders and also align reporting with other Welsh Government statistical outputs on housing. 01/03/17 - 24/05/17 Closed
Private tenancies Scotland - Rent Pressure Zones SG The CML has provided a response to the Scottish Government’s consultation proposals relating to Rent Pressure Zones local authority requirements and landlord’s improvement costs guidance. 03/05/17 - 22/05/17 Closed
Property ownership and public contracting by overseas companies and legal entities: beneficial ownership register BEIS We agree that the government should proceed cautiously, with a view to ensuring the right balance between improving transparency and minimising burdens on legitimate commercial activity. 05/04/17 - 15/05/17 Closed
General Data Protection Regulation: Call for views DCMS The Department for Culture, Media and Sport have published a consultation calling for views on the exemptions contained within the General Data Protection Regulation. 12/04/17 - 10/05/17 Closed
Transitioning toward an insurance backed compensation scheme CILEx Given the other legal sectors operating in conveyancing, CILEx will be mindful of the need to offer comparable client protection to that which exists for others offering conveyancing services. 10/03/17 - 05/05/17 Closed