Here you will find responses that we have submitted to consultations by government departments and other organisations that are relevant to mortgage lenders and their customers.

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Consultation title Consulting body Summary Consulting period Status
Energy efficiency and condition standards in private rented housing: A Scotland's Energy Efficiency Programme Consultation SG Consultation on proposals to improve the energy efficiency of the worst performing private rented housing in Scotland and amend the repairing standard to increase condition standards expected in the PRS. 07/04/17 - 30/06/17 Open
Refining the PRA’s Pillar 2A capital framework PRA This consultation paper sets out proposed adjustments to the PRA’s Pillar 2A capital framework, with the aim of making the capital assessment more robust and proportionate. 24/02/17 - 31/05/17 Open
Energy Strategy – Scotland's Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP): consultation. SG The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on options for its Energy Efficiency Programme and its policy design. We will respond on issues likely to impact on lender interests. 27/01/17 - 30/05/17 Open
Transitioning toward an insurance backed compensation scheme CILEx CILex regulation are consulting on proposals to change their compensation fund rules. They are aiming towards an insurance backed compensation scheme, as opposed to the maintenance of a substantial fund. 10/03/17 - 05/05/17 Open
FCA Quarterly Consultation No.16 FCA The FCA are proposing to make changes to (among other sections of the handbook) the Supervision Manual (SUP) and Enforcement Guide (EG) arising from the extended Immigration Act 2014. 06/03/17 - 03/05/17 Open
Housing White Paper consultation – changes to planning policy and legislation DCLG The DCLG have issued a consultation 'Fixing our broken housing market' focusing on changes to planning policy and legislation in relation to housing, sustainable development and the environment. 07/02/17 - 02/05/17 Open
Guidance on the treatment of politically exposed persons (PEPs) under the Money Laundering Regulations 2017 FCA We broadly welcome the guidance, and make a number of suggestions for improved clarity and utility, such as the inclusion of case studies. 15/03/17 - 18/04/17 Closed
Consultation on heat & energy efficiency strategies, and regulation of district heating SG The proposals could have significant impacts on lenders and consumers, as they envisage the possibility of building owners/ consumers being required or compelled to connect to a district heating system. 28/01/17 - 18/04/17 Closed
Money laundering regulations 2017 consultation HMT We believe the draft regulations meet the aims of keeping the AML/CTF regime up to date, effective and proportionate. 15/03/17 - 12/04/17 Closed
Recovery of Capital Grant General Determinations 2017 GLAMAYOR Sector legal advisers have concluded that this is acceptable from the perspective of lenders, particularly as it does not prevent a disposal by a lender in possession scenarios. 23/03/17 - 11/04/17 Closed